Murchison Falls National Park Tour Packages

Murchison Falls National Park Tour Packages are a list of the best safaris to Murchison Falls Park offering a traveller with the different possibilities and options for exploring the park. The Safaris are designed and tailored taking into account the travelers’ available time for the trip, interests and budget. Whether you wish to travel privately or in a group, as a family or even solo, Murchison falls National Park will offer you the adventure of your dreams with its abundant diversity. The cost of safari largely depends on the number of people, the duration of the safari, the desired activities, transport means used and the type of accommodation. Contact us for the Safari Prices. Request a Quote

Murchison Falls National Park, one of Equatorial Africa’s greatest tracts of wilderness, is located in North western Uganda spanning the districts of Masindi, Nwoya, Pakwach and Buliisa. The 1340 Sq Mile national park is the largest in Uganda and carries pride for being home to the A-list stars of Africa fauna – elephants, buffaloes, giraffes, lions and leopards. These and many others as well as birds, can be spotted during game drives in the park. Rhinos are absent but their sanctuary is in easy reach on a high way leading to and from the park.

The beautiful Murchison Falls that give this national park its name are a must see among all other attractions on show in the area. Please note that Murchison Falls National Park is crossed by the Nile River which at some point with in the park, forces itself between rocks and the raging torrent that sends clouds of mist drifting over the jungle can best describe the falls as seen from the top. Murchison Falls are rumored to be the most powerful waterfalls in the world.

Murchison Falls National Park activities include game drives to find animals in their natural habitats. A boat cruising safari to the base/bottom of the falls is also another avenue for game and bird watching. The Top of the falls excursion is where the Nile waters are seen spilling dramatically and violently out of a narrow gap between the rocks and eventually covering its surroundings in a fine layer of spray.  Chimpanzee tracking in Budongo Forest, Bird watching, Nature walks, scenic viewing and cultural encounters are also among the park activities.

Murchison Falls National Park Tour Packages

The 2 Days Trip to Murchison Falls National Park is an ideal tour for individuals with limited time in Uganda but would love to spare a day or two for some wildlife bliss. It can start and end in Kampala/Entebbe and any other towns/areas not very far from Murchison Falls National Park. These include Gulu, Masindi, Pakwach and Hoima towns.

This 2-day tour is basically for a game drive, boat cruise to the base of the falls and the top of the falls tour. Day 1 is for travelling to the park, boat cruise to the falls bottom and an evening game drive. On the second day of your 2 Days Trip to Murchison Falls National Park, you are to have a morning game drive after which you check out of the park to embark on your journey back to your preferred location in one of the above areas.

The 3 Days Murchison Falls National Park Wildlife Safari is the most popular trip package for Murchison Falls Park and is highly recommended. It gives the tourist one full day to explore the park unlike the 2-day trips. With 3 days, the traveller is able to do more activities on top of having some resting intervals. It involves 2 or 3 game drives, boat safari to the falls base and the optional Rhino tracking at Ziwa Sanctuary. It can as well be adjusted to include Chimpanzee tracking at Budongo Forest.

The itinerary for the 3 days Murchison Falls Tour will be: Travel to the park on day one, Rhino tracking on the way and evening game drive. Morning game drive, afternoon boat cruise and evening game drive on day 2. Visit the top of the falls on day 3 and exit the park for your return journey. Please note that the itinerary can be adjusted depending on the location of your accommodation at the park.


Just like the above, the 2 Days Top of Murchison Falls and Budongo Chimpanzees Trip is a brief/short tour to the park. This trip however does not involve game drive to the north but to the south to spot some giraffes, antelopes, baboons and other primates. Main activities on the tour shall be Chimpanzee tracking in Budongo Forest and the top of the falls excursion. Rhino tracking can be included as an option but other activities like the boat ride and game drives that require much time. This trip also has been taken for the best alternative for the 2 days Kibale Chimpanzee trekking Trip.


3 Days Murchison Falls Tour with Chimpanzees and Rhinos

The 3 Days Murchison Falls Tour with Chimpanzees and Rhinos is more or less like the above safari. It only differs because it has Chimpanzee tracking which is not included in the 3 days Murchison falls Safari above. It starts and ends in Kampala capital city or Entebbe airport. Chimpanzee tracking at Budongo can be in the afternoon of the 1st day or in the morning of the last day. Please note that Rhino tracking is optional.


The 3 Days Murchison Falls Flying Safari is mostly taken for a luxury trip which may not be the case. It is just the most convenient way to access the park to tourists who may find the 6 hours on the road from Kampala to be too many. Some might have limited time for travelling on the respective days of the itinerary. You can fly to the park but decide to stay at a good budget lodge, mid-range or luxury depending on your budget. Flights between Entebbe and Murchison Falls National Park operate daily (during the peak seasons) in the morning or afternoon. During the low seasons, flights operate on certain days in the mornings or afternoons only.

The Safari shall include a return flight between Entebbe and the park, 2 game drives, exploring the top of the falls and bottom of the falls game viewing boat safari. However, you have a choice to fly one leg of the trip and drive the other but there should be prior notice to our reservations staff. Rhino tracking is not included in the flying package.

The 4 Days Murchison Falls Trip allows flexibility and time for optional activities (those not included in the main itinerary) like sport fishing, birding and cultural experiences. This 4-day trip involves 3 or 4 game drives, Boat cruising Safari on the Nile, Rhino tracking and Chimpanzee tracking at Budongo Forest.

Visiting Murchison Falls and Mabamba Wetland for birding enables you to explore the park’s impressive avian diversity including the rare ones like the Shoebill as well as those that can be spotted in a few selected places in Uganda. Birding is done alongside game drives for an up-close encounter with the plethora of the park’s wild game. On this trip, you will spend 2 nights at each of the north and southern sectors of Murchison Falls National Park.

The 5 Days Murchison Falls Birding and Mabamba Shoebill tour commences with a tour of Mabamba wetland near Entebbe to look for the Shoebill. Mabamba swamp near Entebbe is one of the excellent places to find the Shoebill in East Africa. It also involves a birding boat safari on the Nile, game drives, Rhino tracking and birding at the Budongo Royal Mile. Chimpanzee tracking at Budongo forest and a Shoebill boat ride to the Delta are some of the optional activities.

5 Days Murchison Big Five and Kibale Chimpanzees is a trip to two of the most outstanding national parks in Uganda – Murchison Falls and Kibale. The parks are located 5 hours apart with unique wildlife species. Where as Murchison Falls is famous for the big five and the falls, Kibale is the Primate capital of the world by virtue of the over 5,000 Chimpanzees hosted by the park including the 12 primate species.

On the 5 Days Murchison Big Five and Kibale Chimpanzees trip, expect to track Rhinos at Ziwa Sanctuary, game safaris in the park, boat cruise to the falls, top of the falls walk, Chimpanzee tracking at Kibale National Park and Bigodi swamp walk for more birds, primates and animal sightings. Please note that this trip can be extended to 7 days incase you want it combined with Gorilla trekking at Bwindi. Check the 7 Days Murchison Falls and Gorillas.

The 12 Days Murchison Safari, Chimpanzees and Gorillas is one of the best long safari holidays in Uganda. The trip includes Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, tour of Murchison Falls Park, Kibale Chimpanzees, Queen Elizabeth tour and tree lions, Gorilla trekking at Bwindi and the spectacular Lake Bunyonyi.

Where to stay at Murchison Falls National Park

There is a wide range of accommodation facilities located in different places (inside and outside) of the park. They are categorized into budget accommodation, mid-range and high end or Luxury Lodges. The traveller’s budget for the trip dictates the choice of accommodation. For the location, it’s advisable to get guidance from our reservations staff. They can always help to adjust your trip itinerary to suite the location of your preferred lodge. Some of the lodges are Paraa Safari Lodge, Pakuba Safari Lodge, Heritage Safari Lodge, Murchison River Lodge, Hornbill Lodge, Tilenga Lodge, Fort Murchison Lodge and many others.

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