Murchison Falls National Park Fees

A tour to Murchison Falls National Park is one of the very rewarding trips after the Gorilla trekking Safaris. As one of the best Safari destinations in Uganda, Murchison Falls National Park attracts a wide range of visitors throughout the year. Murchison Falls National Park fees for entry are US $45 to an international visitor and are valid for 24 hours. A Foreign resident in Uganda/EAC is required US $30 while a Ugandan/EAC citizen gains access to the park at UG Shs20,000 about US $6. Extra time spent at the Park after 24 hours is charged as an extra day. Fees for activities and other park items are charged differently.

When visitors learn of the Gorilla Permit Price in Uganda, it raises their curiosity to know the prices/fees/rates for entrance and activities in other national parks in Uganda. Learning that a Gorilla permit at $700 gives the visitor only one hour to stay with the Gorillas, it’s a relief to them knowing that Murchison Falls National Park fees of $45 paid as entrance will let a visitor explore the park for 24 hours. Note however that a Gorilla trekking Safari is a wildlife experience comparable to none!

Murchison Falls National Park fees for entrance

Visitor Category Rate PP in US dollars
Foreign Non-resident / International Visitor 45 Adult

25 Child

Foreign Resident in Uganda/EAC 35 Adult

15 Child

Ugandans and EAC citizens 25,000 (Ug Shillings)

10,000 (Ug Shillings)


  • Entrance fees are valid for 24hrs from the time of entry.
  • Proof of residence/citizenship status is only by a valid passport (foreign visitors) or national Identification document (EAC/Ugandans).
  • With an entrance permit, a visitor can do a game drive but not activities like boat cruise, Chimpanzee tracking, nature walks, birding, extra. A separate payment for each of those activities is required.
  • Children are persons of 5 to 15 years. Below 5 years enter for free.
  • Payments at the park gate are by mobile money not physical cash.

Annual Park entrance passes for Ugandans/EAC and FR

Visitor Category Foreign Resident in E.A (USD Ugandans/EAC (Ug Shs)
Individual 350 350,000
Couple 600 500,000
Family (4Chn max.) 800 600,000
Annual Corporate Pass (10 Pax) 1,500 2,500,000
Safari guide 200,000
Tour Company Driver Free


  • Vehicle entry fees are not included
  • Applies to all protected areas for foreign residents in Uganda and East African citizens only.
  • Foreign residents should have a work permit valid for a year.
  • Not valid for park activities including Chimpanzee trekking in Budongo Forest

Vehicle Entry Fees, Boats, Aircrafts and Landing Fees

Category Foreign Registered Ugandan Registered
Saloon cars 40 20,000
Minibuses, Omni-buses 50 30,000
Pick-ups 50 30,000
Tour Company vehicles & 4WD 150 30,00
Over Landers 150 100,000
Buses & Lorries 200 200,000
School buses 50,000
Boats up to 15 seater 250,000
Launches over 15 seaters 350,000

Fees for Murchison Falls National Park activities

Activity Foreign Non-resident Foreign Resident Ugandans/EAC
Guided game drives (Private) 20 Day Per Vehicle

30 Night PP

15 Day Per Vehicle

20 Night PP

20,000 Day Per Vehicle

50,000 Night PP

Launch cruise to the base of the falls 30 25 30,000
Hiking to the Top of the falls 15 10 10,000
Viewing Top of the falls 10 10 10,000
Sport fishing 50 for 1 day

150 for 4 days

50 for 1 day

150 for 4 days

50 for 1 day

150 for 4 days

UWA Game drive vehicle (where available) 30 Day PP

40 Night PP

25 Day PP

35 Night PP



White water rafting 50 50 50,000
Bird Watching 30 25 20,000


  • Rates above exclude park entry fees
  • Launch cruise takes a maximum of 45 people and the trips take approximately 2 hours
  • Night game drives shall be undertaken by only pre-registered vehicles
  • Use of UWA guide is mandatory for night game drives.

Fines and penalties

Offence Penalty
Driving off the game tracks 150 PP in the vehicle & is incurred by the driver
Over speeding 100,000Shs per incident
Animal accident/Road kill 500
Hooting in the park 100,000Shs per incident
Littering the park 100,000Shs per incident
Sitting on top of the vehicle 100 per incident

Accommodation fees for UWA managed facilities and Campsites

UWA Bandas and Campsites are some of the cheap accommodation options in Murchison Falls Park. Accommodation in dormitory style for example is at 25,000 per adult, 5,000 each student with in a group and 10,000 per child. Student rates apply to primary and secondary school students.

Safari Tour Packages to Murchison Falls National Park

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