1 Day Mabamba Swamp Shoebill Tour

1-day-mabamba-swamp-shoebill-tour1 Day Mabamba Swamp Shoebill Tour, A part from being a great habitat for many different bird species, Mabamba swamp is home to the most rare and sought for birds in the world, the shoe billed stork. This one day tour will give you an opportunity for a close encounter with the eccentric Shoebill at Mabamba.

The Wetlands were designated as a Ramsar Site as of international importance in 2006 being home to the rare and globally threatened Shoe billed stork. Today, the Mabamba Shoebill wetland is one of the most popular birding hotspots in Uganda.

List of Bird Species to spot at Mabamba Swamp

  • Shoebill Stork
  • Long Tailed Cormorant
  • African Fish Eagle
  • African Jacana
  • Marsch Sand Piper
  • Yellow Billed Duck
  • Common Sand Piper
  • Wood sand Piper
  • Purple Heron
  • Common Moorhen
  • Common Squacco Heron
  • Black Headed Heron
  • White Winged Black tern
  • Northern Brown Throated Weaver bird
  • Black Headed Weaver bird
  • Grey Headed Kingfisher
  • Yellow Backed Weaver bird
  • Vieilliots Black Weave bird
  • Pied kingfisher
  • Malachite Kingfisher
  • Purple Swamphen
  • Carruther’s Cisticola
  • Winding Cisticola
  • Swamp Fly Catcher
  • Blue Breasted Bee-eater
  • Long Toed lapwing
  • African Marsh harrier
  • Papyrus Gonolek    Request a Quote

Full Itinerary for 1 Day Mabamba Swamp Shoebill Tour

You will be picked up by one of the guides to begin your journey to Mabamba Swamp found about 50 kilometers southwest of Kampala and north of Entebbe town. The site is the most accessible for spotting the wild species of Shoebill Stork in Uganda and probably Africa at large.

While on this tour, we will sail on the calm waters of the swamp through papyrus and sea weed in the Mabamba Bay. Another unscathed attractiveness of the wetland is the highest chance of seeing Shoebill. Expect other papyrus specialist birds like Saddle-billed Stork, Malachite Kingfisher, African Jacana, and many more.

This will indeed be an experience you will never forget sailing on one of Uganda’s largest swamps and letting the magical spell of Mabamba engulf you with nature’s gleeful song.

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