Akagera National Park Rules and Regulations

Akagera National Park Rules and Regulations in place are integral to the conservation success the park is becoming known for. They are deterrents to any risks in the park by the visitors which literally allow a safe and enjoyable tour of Akagera National Park. Disregard of the park rules could attract on-the-spot fines of up to USD $150. The Park is open to day visitors from 6.am to 6.pm daily. Day visitors must exit the park before 6.pm, the time by which overnight visitors are required to have reached their accommodation facility.

Akagera National Park is an absolute destination for a Big Five and Wildlife Safari experience in Rwanda. It is located in the East of Rwanda covering an area of 112,000 hectares on the border with Tanzania. As the only protected Savannah environment in the country, Akagera National Park is unique. In its open plains are large herds of buffalo, Impala, Zebra and Topi. Antelopes commonly seen widely throughout the park are the Oribi, Klipspringer, Bushbuck and Reedbuck. It has all the big five after the reintroduction of the Lion and Rhino in 2015 and 2017, respectively. Bird life tunes up to 482 species. Hippos, crocodiles and some primates also exist in the park.

Akagera National Park Rules and Regulations

  • Do not leave your vehicle under any circumstance, unless in a designated camp site or picnic area. Still when at these designated areas, remain cautious and don’t stray far from your vehicle. Remain in your vehicle at all times.
  • Speed limit inside the park is 40km/hr. Stick to it to avoid accidents and injuring wildlife.
  • Off-road driving is not allowed in Akagera National Park. Keep to well-marked roads to avoid getting lost, making ambiguous tracks and damaging the vegetation.
  • Not all roads are accessible by all vehicles. During the wet season especially, certain roads are not advisable to be used where even some are closed to buses. Be cautious to avoid getting stuck as a recovery fee applies when any assistance is given by the park in this situation. Always consult your guide or inquire at the reception before your departure.
  • Avoid littering the park because it is damaging to the environment and wellbeing of wildlife. Please take all of your rubbish with you out of the park. Keep Akagera clean or leave it as you found it.
  • Do not take out of the park any flowers, plants, rocks, wood, bones or any other natural items you find in the park.
  • Feeding any wildlife in the park is not allowed.
  • No bush camping. Overnight visitors are to use designated campsites or a recognized overnight facility only.
  • Lighting fires at the camping site must only be at designated fire areas. Do not leave fire unattended and also ensure that all fires are extinguished before leaving.
  • No loud music and keep noise to a minimum while in the park to avoid disturbing wildlife and at campsites to respect other guests.
  • Please keep the receipt for which you paid the Park entrance fee, park staff may ask to see it.

Akagera National Park Tour Packages

1 Day Akagera National Park Tour

2 Days Trip to Akagera National Park

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