Fees for Queen Elizabeth Park activities and entry

Queen Elizabeth National Park Fees for entry and activities charged to visitors aid in wildlife conservation and the welfare of the communities around the park. Queen Elizabeth National Park is located in western Uganda between Bwindi Gorillas Park and Kibale Chimpanzee Forest Park. It is the second largest park in Uganda after Murchison Falls National Park. Queen Elizabeth National Park holds bragging rights for a place with; the highest bird species list in East Africa, highest population of tree climbing lions in Africa, most extravagant scenery, highest mammal species list than any other park in Uganda and the most visited park in the country.

The fees structure below for Queen Elizabeth National Park activities and entrance was stipulated by the Uganda Wildlife Authority and takes into consideration the tourist’s nationality (resident status) and age, the type of vehicle, boat or aircraft used in the park, the kind of activity and the length of stay at the park. Other fees come inform of penalties charged for failure to comply with existing park rules and regulations.

Queen Elizabeth National Park Fees For Entry Per day

Foreign Non-resident (US dollars) Foreign resident (US dollars) East African Citizen (UGX)
Adult 40 30 20,000
Child 5-15 years 20 10 5000


  • Children fees apply to persons between the age of 5 and 15. Those below 5 years are exempt.
  • Resident status is determined by presentation of a valid passport, resident permit or a national identification document for East African citizens.
  • East African citizens are those from Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, DR Congo and South Sudan.
  • A day’s entry permit is valid for 24 hours from the time of entrance. Any extra time spent in the park shall be charged as an extra day.
  • Entrance fees are independent of park activities like Chimpanzee tracking at Kyambura Gorge, Lion tracking, nature walks, birding, boat launch safari on Kazinga Channel and crater lakes drive. Check the table below for the fees for the different park activities.

Queen Elizabeth National Park Fees for Activities

Activity Foreign Non-Resident Foreign Resident East African Citizen
Guided day game drive per vehicle 20 15 20,000
Night game drive in own vehicle 30 per person 20 per person 50,000 per person
Lion tracking 100 80 100,000
Birding 30 25 30,000
Day nature walk 15 10 10,000
Night nature walk 40 20 15,000
Cycling in the park 30 20 20,000
Kyambura Gorge Chimpanzee tracking 50 40 30,000
Mongoose tracking 30 25 30,000
Hippo census 100 80 100,000

Note: All night game drives must be guided.

Vehicle entry fees to Queen Elizabeth National Park

Vehicle type Foreign registered Uganda registered
US dollars Ug Shillings
Saloon cars 40 20,000
Tour company vehicles & 4-wheel drive 150 30,000
Minibuses & omni-buses 50 30,000
Buses & lorries 200 200,000
Overlanders 150 100,000
School buses 50,000

Annual entrance passes for visitors to Queen Elizabeth Park

Foreign Resident East African citizen
US dollars UG shillings
Individual 350 350,000
Couple 600 500,000
Family with maximum 4 children 800 600,000
Annual corporate pass 1500
Safari guide 200,000
Taxi driver 150,000
Tour company driver Free


  • These apply to only foreign residents in Uganda and East African citizens. A foreign resident’s work permit however must be valid for 1 year to qualify for an annual pass.
  • The above fees are uniform to all protected areas in Uganda.
  • The annual pass does not apply to activities like Gorilla trekking, Chimpanzee trekking, mountaineering, and they don’t cover the vehicle entry fees to the park.

Fines and penalties in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Offence Penalty
Driving off the tracks $150 Per person in the vehicle to be incurred by the driver.
Over speeding UGX 100,000 per incident
Animal accident fee – road kill $500
Littering in the park UGX100,000per incident
Hooting in the park UGX100,000per incident
Sitting on top of the vehicle $100 per incident

Note: These apply to all national parks in Uganda.

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