East Africa Tourist Visa

The East Africa Tourist Visa is recommended to be obtained by an international traveler planning to visit more than one East African country. The Visa applies to travels to and within Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya but not Tanzania. The East Africa Tourist Visa is valid for 90 days and always requires the holder(tourist) to enter from the country that issued the visa. It is multiple entry but ceases to be valid once you exit any of the three countries for other destinations. Citizens and expats in those countries only need an interstate pass which is processed freely at all entry points.

East Africa Tourist Visa Cost

The East Africa Tourist Visa cost is US $100 for Uganda, $101 Kenya and $70 for Rwanda. A single-entry visa for one particular country is at US $50. All visa fees are only payable by credit cards and are non-refundable. When destined for visits to more than one country therefore, acquiring one multiple entry visa (East African Tourist Visa) is cheaper in terms of costs and time.

East Africa Tourist Visa Countries

The East Africa Tourist Visa countries are Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya. They are the three out of the 7 East African Community member states that jointly agreed to have one visa in pursuit of promoting East Africa as one trade and tourist destination. For their reasons, Tanzania and Burundi are still hesitant to join so the East African Tourist Visa doesn’t apply there. Also, DR Congo and South Sudan, the new entrants to the East African Community, haven’t yet made resolutions for the same.

Visa on arrival

Acquisition of visas on arrival at the airport and all border points of the above countries is no longer possible. A tourist is therefore required to apply for the visa online and in advance to avoid disappointments. East African Tourist Visas are not issued once you are in the country. We have had cases where tourists may have not made firm plans of extending to other East African countries but simply develop while here. In such a situation, an East African Tourist Visa can’t be granted so the only option is to apply for a single-entry visa for a country they would want to visit, which still requires them to apply for it online and in advance.

East Africa Tourist Visa Application online

Like earlier mentioned, the three countries in the joint East African Tourist Visa agreement require an online advance purchase for it. However, be warned of internet visa scams. Only seek visa from the official visa/immigration sites of the respective countries as advised below:

Generally, it takes two to three days for your visa application to be approved. You can also visit the Diplomatic Missions/Embassies of the respective countries in your home country for more information and guidance.

E.A Visa Application Requirements

The visa requirements and application process are almost similar but slightly vary according to the country where you decide to enter the East Africa Tourist Visa zone from. They include:

  • Passport and must be valid. All countries require six months of validity remaining on your passport to enter so submit your passport for renewal if it expires in a year or less.
  • Passport size photo with a white background. Must not be taken with glasses, scarves and caps on.
  • Those other documents that you may be required to submit include the return flight booking, confirmed tour itinerary, Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate. These are only accompanying documents but do not necessarily determine the acceptance or rejection to your visa application. They are nonetheless required at the immigration offices at the airport.

Extending an East African Tourist Visa

Extending an East African Tourist Visa is not possible. The visa holder can travel in and out of those 3 countries unlimited times during the 90 days but the visa cannot be extended after expiry. It is also important to note that the East African Tourist Visa does not grant the holder rights to work in any of the three countries.

African wildlife is by far the number one tourist attraction in Africa and every country is endowed with different wildlife. Be encouraged to visit more countries than one. With an East African Tourist visa, you will see the spellbinding landscapes, astonishing bird life, the gorgeous gorillas, connections with wonderful local people where you learn about their ancient tribes and cultures in Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda. You can book a combined safari tour for Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya.

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