3 Days Gorilla Trekking and Dian Fossey Tomb Tour Rwanda

Book the 3 Days Gorilla Trekking and Dian Fossey Tomb Tour Rwanda to see some of the world’s surviving mountain Gorillas living in Volcanoes National Park. The tour shall also involve a visit to the resting place (grave site/tomb) for Dian Fossey. Fossey, the American Primatologist, dedicated her life to ensuring Mountain Gorillas survive at the time when they nearly got extinct. The Gorilla population by the early 1960s was about 200 individuals. This small number worried her that they would perhaps be extinct by 2000.

It is therefore sufficient to say that Mountain Gorillas are surviving today because of Fossey’s sacrifice. The establishment of the Dian Fossey Trail and Gorilla is to partly recognize her incredible contribution to their survival. We arrange regular visits, like in the case of the 3 Days Gorilla Trekking and Dian Fossey Tomb Tour Rwanda, to popularize her works.

Program for the 3 Days Gorilla Trekking and Dian Fossey Tomb Tour Rwanda

Day 1: Kigali to Volcanoes National Park in Musanze

We start with a tour and drive around Kigali city on the first day of our 3 Days Gorilla Trekking and Dian Fossey Tomb Tour Rwanda. Some of the famous sites to check on in Kigali include the Genocide Memorial Museum, former presidential palace and the local markets. Later after lunch in Kigali, we shall drive to Volcanoes National Park. Check into the lodge on arrival, refresh and relax. Also use the time to prepare your trekking gear for the next day’s Gorilla Safari.

Day 2: Gorilla Trekking and Ibyacwu Cultural Village Tour

Gorilla trekking takes place with in Volcanoes National Park. The permit allows a visitor to see one family a day. Briefing and preparing the visitors for Gorilla trekking takes place at the park headquarters at Kinigi, away from the real trek starting point. All visitors must report at Kinigi at about 7.am for the 30 minutes briefing and allocation of the Gorilla families. Drive from Kinigi to the trek starting point where you will find porters to hire and the free walking sticks.

In the company of park guides and rangers, start the trek until you locate your Gorilla family. Calmly contain the excitement of coming across them by avoiding noise, movements, flash photography or even feeding them. Gorillas are very gentle for as long as they don’t interpret any of your acts around them as being provocative. Always follow the guides’ instructions please. You will not exceed an hour of observing, following, photographing and admiring the Gorillas as they feed and socialize. Return to the starting point to join your driver to take you back to the lodge.

In the evening after some afternoon rest, visit the Gorilla Guardians Villages, formerly Iby’acwu Cultural Village. Here Rwanda’s rich cultural heritage is showcased through different ways like dressing, beer processing, traditional medicine, among others. Drive back to the lodge after this cultural encounter.

Day 3: Dian Fossey Tomb Tour and Departure

Taking the Dian Fossey hike is one kind way of recognizing the works of the conservation legend of our times. Dian Fossey dedicated her life to saving the Mountain Gorillas until she met her death on Dec 26th 1985. She put a strong resistance against Gorilla poaching and deforestation to which the perpetuators retaliated by taking her life in a brutal way. She was burried near her Karisoke Research Centre located between Mount Karisimbi and Mount Bisoke.

The last day of your 3 Days Gorilla Trekking and Dian Fossey Tomb Tour in Rwanda will see you report back to the Kinigi park offices for briefing. The guides and rangers will lead you through the Dian Fossey Trail. Trek up to her resting place located at about 3000M ASL between Karisimbi Volcano and Mount Bisoke. Apart from Fossey’s grave site, the hike presents opportunities for bird watching, observing rare plant species and the stunning views of the Virunga Mountains. Descend the mountain slopes to find your driver and journey back to Kigali. End of the 3 Days Gorilla Trekking and Dian Fossey Tomb Tour in Rwanda.

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